PD Dr. Margret Schottelius

Scientific Co-worker

Margret Schottelius studied chemistry at the universities of Konstanz und Rutgers as well as at ETH Zürich. She received her diploma from the Laboratoire de Pharmacochimie Moléculaire of the Université Louis Pasteur in Strasbourg. This was followed by her doctoral work and subsequent habilitation in nuclear medicine und radio pharmacy at TU München. Her research interests are focused on the optimisation of pharmacokinetics of peptidic receptor ligands and the development and evaluation of peptidic ligands and proteins for cancer diagnostics and therapy.

Scientific Interests

  • Optimization of Pharmacokinetics of Peptidic Receptor Ligands by Glykosylation and Transfer and Adaptation of the Concept to other Labelling Strategies (Dissertation and Habilitation)
  • Development and Evaluation of new peptidic Ligands for Cancer Relevant GPCRs


  • Lecture „Radiopharmacy for Medical Scientists“ WS 05/06
  • Lecture „Radiopharmacy“ SS 06
  • Introductory Lecture Radiopharmacy WS 06/07
  • Introductory Lecture Radiopharmacy WS 07/08
  • Lecture „Special Aspects of Radiopharmacy“ SS 08