M.Sc. Sebastian Fenzl

Scientific co-worker, PhD Student

Sebastian Fenzl completed his chemistry studies at the Technical University of Munich. His Bachelor thesis "Study on the Synthesis of Alkynilated Neocarziline Derivatives for Activity Based Protein Profiling" was prepared at the Chair of Organic Chemistry II under Prof. Dr. S. Sieber. In his master studies he focused on organic chemistry and pharmaceutical radiochemistry. His Master thesis "Structure-affinity relationships of PSMA ligands designed to address the S1 accessory pocket" was supervised by Prof. Dr. H.-J. Wester at the Chair of Pharmaceutical Radiochemistry. Since 2021 he is a PhD student at the chair and works on the development of new silicon fluoride acceptors in cooperation with Prof. Dr. S. Inoue (Professorship for Silicon Chemistry, TUM).


Development and synthesis of novel Silicon-Fluoride Acceptors for fluorine-18 labeling of radio ligands (Cooperation with Prof. Dr. S. Inoue – Professorship for Silicon Chemistry, TUM).

Application of the new Silicon-Fluoride Acceptors on various targets such as somatostatin receptor 2 (SSTR2), CXC chemokine receptor type 4 (CXCR4) and Gastrin-Releasing Peptide Receptor (GRPR).