Dr. Behrooz H. Yousefi

Scientific Co-worker

Behrooz Yousefi studied chemistry at the universities of Tabris, Justus-Liebig  Universität Gießen und Teheran and obtained his Ph.D. in organic chemistry. He worked as lecturer at the Material and Energy Research Center in Karaj and was later appointed assistant professor at the university of medical sciences, Tabris. As an ÖAD-research fellow he developed new biologically active compounds, pharmaca and metabolites with combinatorial and microwave synthetic methods, at the university of Graz and later at the Technical University of Vienna.  He then moved to TU Darmstadt for the development of pharmaca for amyloid plaque imaging in collaboration with the Schering AG, Berlin. Since 2005 he is a researcher at TU Munich. His research focuses on multimodal small animal imaging and pharmaceutical radiochemistry for imaging of amyloid plaques, neuro-peptidic aggregates, opioid receptors, integrin receptors and cardial receptors.


  • Entwicklung neuer Radiopharmaka für neurodegenerative Erkrankungen (NDD)
  • Glutamatcarboxypeptidase II, PSMA


  • Vorlesung "Pharmazeutische Radiochemie I und II"
  • Ph.D. Vorlesung "Hands- On Course on Preclinical Imaging"


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Henriksen G., Yousefi B. H., Wester H. J., Compounds for Non-Invasive Measurement of Aggregates of Amyloid Peptides PCT/EP2010/051704, DE112010000820 T5, Pending