Prof. Cathleen Zeymer

Foto von Cathleen Zeymer

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Cathleen Zeymer

Technische Universität München

Professur für Proteinchemie (Prof. Zeymer)


Ernst-Otto-Fischer-Str. 8
85748 Garching b. München


Artificial Metalloenzymes and Photoenzymes

Our research focuses on the rational design and directed evolution of artificial metalloenzymes and photoenzymes. We aim to engineer novel biocatalysts and study their structure and molecular mechanism.

Enzymes are widely used as efficient, selective, and sustainable catalysts. However, the development of artificial enzymes for reactions that go beyond the nature’s synthetic repertoire remains a major challenge. We combine the versatility of transition metal catalysis and photocatalysis with the superb selectivity provided by proteins to generate novel enzymes. Catalyst optimization is done by directed evolution, a techniques that mimics natural selection in the laboratory.

Winter term 2023/24

TitleDatesDurationTypeLecturer (assistant)
Analysis of Scientific Literature (CH5041)Link5SE
Group Seminar of the Chair of Protein ChemistryLink2SE
Introduction to Biochemistry (CH0936)Link2VO
Lab Rotation Molecular Biology and Protein Biology (CH3182)Link10FO
Laboratory Course in Biochemistry (CH0936)Link3PR
Physical Biochemistry, Seminar (CH0410b)Link2SE
Research Laboratory Course in Biological Chemistry 1 (CH0554)Link10PR
Research Laboratory Course in Biological Chemistry 2 (CH0555)Link8PR
Research Laboratory Course in Molecular Biology and Protein Biology (CH5179)Link5PR
Research Laboratory Course with Focus in Chemistry (CH0510)Link6PR
Special Aspects of BiochemistryLink7MT

Summer term 2024