New Publication in ACS Chemical Biology

Personalized assessment of vitamin levels in point-of-care (POC) devices is urgently needed to advance the recognition of diseases associated with malnutrition and unbalanced diets. We here introduce a diagnostic platform, which showcases an easy and rapid readout of vitamin B6 (pyridoxal phosphate, PLP) levels in erythrocytes as a first step toward a home-use POC. The technology is based on fluorescent probes, which bind to PLP-dependent enzymes (PLP-DEs) and thereby indirectly report their occupancy with endogenous B6. For example, low vitamin levels result in high probe binding, yielding a strong signal and vice versa. Antibodies against signature human PLP-DEs were immobilized on microarrays to capture probe labeled enzymes for fluorescent detection. Calibrating the system with defined B6 levels revealed a concentration-depended readout as well as sufficient sensitivity for its detection in erythrocytes. To account for individual differences in protein expression, a second antibody was used to normalize protein abundance. This sandwiched assay correctly reported relative B6 levels in human erythrocyte samples, as confirmed by classical laboratory diagnostics. In principle, the platform layout can be easily expanded to other crucial vitamins beyond B6 via an analogous probe strategy.

Fiedler, M. K., Drechsel, J., Schmidt, R., Luppa, P. B., Bach, N. C., Sieber, S. A. "Rapid Diagnostic Platform for Personalized Vitamin B6 Detection in
Erythrocytes via PLP Cofactor Mimics", ACS Chem. Biol.


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