Merger for data tables

This script merges multiple data tables based on row identifiers. The identifier fields may contain multiple identifiers.


This script checks multiple data tables for overlaps of row identifiers.

Overlap finder

Please also refer to the following publication: Kleiner, P.*, Heydenreuter, W.*, Stahl, M.*, Korotkov, V.S., Sieber S.A.*, "A whole proteome inventory of background photocrosslinker binding", Angew. Chem. Int. Edit., doi

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Identification of proteolytic cleavage sites from mass spectrometry data.

Published in Gersch, M.*, Stahl, M.*, Poreba, M.*, Dahmen, M., Dziedzic, A., Drag, M.*, Sieber, S.A.*, "Barrel-shaped ClpP proteases display attenuated cleavage specificities", ACS Chemical Biology doi

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A tool to automatically process intact protein mass spectra.

Published in Gersch, M., Hackl, M., Dubiella, C., Dobrinevski, A., Groll, M., Sieber S.A., "Intact protein mass spectrometry of 20S proteasomes reveals complex integrity, phosphorylation stoichiometry and inhibitor specificity", Chemistry & Biology doi