New Publication in RSC Chemical Biology

Monoamine oxidases MAOA and MAOB catalyze important cellular functions such as the deamination of neurotransmitters. Correspondingly, MAO inhibitors are used for the treatment of severe neuropsychiatric disorders such as depression. A commonly prescribed drug against refractory depression is tranylcypromine, however, the side effects are poorly understood. In order to decipher putative off-targets, we synthesized two tranylcypromine probes equipped with either an alkyne moiety or an alkyne-diazirine minimal photocrosslinker for in situ proteome profiling. Surprisingly, LC–MS/MS analysis revealed low enrichment of MAOA and relatively promiscuous labeling of proteins. Photoprobe labeling paired with fluorescent imaging studies revealed lysosomal trapping which could be largely reverted by the addition of lysosomotropic drugs.

Drechsel, J., Kyrousi, C., Cappello, S., Sieber, S.A., "Tranylcypromine specificity for monoamine oxidase is limited by promiscuous protein labelling and lysosomal trapping", RSC Chem. Biol.

Link: 10.1039/D0CB00048E