New Publication in ChemBioChem

Conjugation of proteins to AMP (AMPylation) is a prevalent post‐translational modification (PTM) in human cells, involved in the regulation of unfolded protein response and neural development. Here we present a tailored pronucleotide probe suitable for in situ imaging and chemical proteomics profiling of AMPylated proteins. Using straightforward strain‐promoted azide–alkyne click chemistry, the probe provides stable fluorescence labelling in living cells.

Kielkowski, P., Buchsbaum, I.Y., Becker, T., Bach, K., Cappello, S., Sieber, S.A., "A pronucleotide probe for live cell imaging of protein AMPylation",
ChemBioChem, 2020

Link:  10.1002/cbic.201900716

Reproduced with permission.