Dendritic poly-chelator frameworks for multiple bioconjugation

06.02.2017 [Original Artikel]

Reich D, Wurzer A, Wirtz M, Stiegler V, Spatz P, Pollmann J, Wester HJ, Notni J

Starting from multifuntional triazacyclononane-triphosphinate chelator cores, dendritic molecules with the ability to bind metal ions within their framework were synthesized. A cooperative interaction of the chelator cages resulted in a markedly increased affinity towards 67/68Ga-III. A hexameric PSMA inhibitor conjugate with high affinity (IC50=1.2 nM) and favorable in-vivo PET imaging properties demonstrated practical applicability. The novel scaffolds are useful for synthesis of well-defined multimodal imaging probes or theranostics.