Algorithmic design of RNA polyhedra

The results of a long-term collaboration with our former visiting professors Pekka Orponen (Aalto University) and Ibuki Kawamata (Tohoku University), and with Anton Kuzyk (Aalto University) as the experimental lead finally got published! The idea behind the paper is that the spanning tree of a wireframe polyhedron can be easily converted into a routing for an RNA strand. The RNA strand can be transcribed from a corresponding gene template and will fold into the target polyhedron.

A. Elonen, A. K. Natarajan, I. Kawamata, L. Oesinghaus, A. Mohammed, J. Seitsonen, Y. Suzuki, F. C. Simmel, A. Kuzyk and P. Orponen (2022). "Algorithmic Design of 3D Wireframe RNA Polyhedra." ACS Nano, epub ahead of print.