Cell-free production of therapeutic bacteriophages

Work initiated during the iGEM project Phactory (2018) has now resulted in a publication on the cell-free production of bacteriophages against multidrug-resistent bacteria. The work was performed by Quirin and Kilian from the original team and Gil Westmeyer (TUM Chemistry/Helmholtz) led the research.

Q. Emslander, K. Vogele, P. Braun, J. Stender, C. Willy, M. Joppich, J.A. Hammerl, M. Abele, C. Meng, A. Pichlmair, C. Ludwig, J.J. Bugert, F.C. Simmel, G.G. Westmeyer, Cell-free production of personalized therapeutic phages targeting multidrug-resistant bacteria, Cell Chem. Biol., available online (2022).


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