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Zanotti A1, Coelho JPL1, Kaylani D, Singh G, Tauber M, Hitzenberger M, Avci D, Zacharias M, Russel RB, Lemberg MK*, Feige MJ*

The human signal peptidase complex acts as a quality control enzyme for membrane proteins

Science 2022, 378(6623):996-1000.

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Blömeke N, Meighen-Berger K, Hitzenberger M, Bach NC, Parr M, Coelho JPL, Frishman D, Zacharias M, Sieber SA, Feige MJ*

Intra-membrane client recognition potentiates the chaperone functions of Calnexin

EMBO J 2022, in press.

Mideksa YG1, Aschenbrenner I1, Fux A, Kaylani D, Weiß CAM, Nguyen TA, Bach NC, Lang K, Sieber SA, Feige MJ*

A comprehensive set of ER protein disulfide isomerase family memberssupports the biogenesis of pro-inflammatory interleukin 12 family cytokines

J Biol Chem 2022, in press.

Hildenbrand K1, Aschenbrenner I1, Franke FC1, Devergne O*, Feige MJ*

Biogenesis and engineering of interleukin 12 family cytokines
Trends Biochem Sci 2022, 47(11):936-949.


Kong KYE, Coelho JPL, Feige MJ, Khmelinskii A*

Quality control of mislocalized and orphan proteins
Exp Cell Res 2021, 403(2):112617.

Min B*, Kim D, Feige MJ

IL-30 (IL-27A): a familiar stranger in immunity, inflammation, and cancer
Exp Mol Med 2021, 53(5):823-834.

Fauser J, Gulen B, Pogenberg V, Pett C, Pourjafar-Dehkordi D, Krisp C, Höpfner D, König G, Schlüter H, Feige MJ,

Zacharias M, Hedberg C*, Itzen A*

Specificity of AMPylation of the human chaperone BiP is mediated by TPR motifs of FICD
Nature Communications 2021, 12(1):2426.

Schlagintweit JF1, Jakob CHG1, Meighen-Berger K, Gronauer TF, Weigert Muñoz A, Weiß V, Feige MJ, Sieber SA,

Correia JDG, Kühn FE*

Fluorescent palladium(II) and platinum(II) NHC/1,2,3-triazole complexes: antiproliferative activity and selectivity against cancer cells
Dalton Trans 2021, 50(6):2158-2166.


Bohnacker S1, Hildenbrand K1, Aschenbrenner I1, Müller SI, Esser-von Bieren J*, Feige MJ*
Influence of glycosylation on IL-12 family cytokine biogenesis and function
Mol Immunol 2020, 126:120-128.
Cave MC, Maillard S, Hildenbrand K, Mamelonet C, Feige MJ, Devergne O*
Glycosaminoglycans bind human IL-27 and regulate its activity
Eur J Immunol 2020, 50(10):1484-1499.
Coelho JPL, Feige MJ*
In case of stress, hold tight: phosphorylation switches PDI from an oxidoreductase to a holdase, tuning ER proteostasis
EMBO J 2020, 39(10).
de los Reyes Jimenez M1, Lechner A1, Alessandrini F, Bohnacker S, Schindela S, Trompette A, Haimerl P, Thomas D, Henkel F, Mourao A, Geerlof A, Prazeres de Costa C, Chaker AM, Brüne B, Nüssing R, Jakobsson, PJ, Nockher WA, Feige MJ, Haslbeck M, Ohnmacht C, Marsland BJ, Voehringer D, Harris NL, Schmidt-Weber CB, Esser-von Bieren J*
An anti-inflammatory eicosanoid switch mediates the suppresion of type-2 inflammation by helminth larval products
Science Translational Medicine 2020, 12(540).
Mideksa YG, Fottner M, Braus S, Weiß CAM, Nguyen TA, Meier S, Lang K, Feige MJ*
Site-specific protein labeling with fluorophores as a tool to monitor protein turnover
ChemBioChem 2020, 21(13):1861-1867.
Niu Z, Prade E, Malideli E, Hille K, Jussupow A, Mideksa YG, Yan LM, Qian C, Fleisch M, Messias AC, Sarkar R, Sattler S, Lamb DC, Feige MJ, Camilloni C, Kapurniotu A*, Reif B*
Structural insights into IAPP-derived amyloid inhibitors and their mechanism of action
Angewandte Chemie 2020, 59(14):5771-5781.


Hennig J*, Feige MJ*
Highlight: Young research groups in Germany - continued
Biol Chem 2019, 400(11):1395.

Meier S, Bohnacker S, Klose CJ, Lopez A, Choe CA, Schmid PWN, Bloemeke N, Rührnößl F, Haslbeck M, Esser-von Bieren J, Sattler M, Huang PS, Feige MJ*

The molecular basis of chaperone-mediated interleukin 23 assembly control
Nature Communications 2019, 10:4121.

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Hennig J*, Feige MJ*
Highlight: Young research groups in Germany
Biol Chem 2019, 400(7):811-812.
Müller SI1, Aschenbrenner I1,  Zacharias M*, Feige MJ*
An interspecies analysis reveals molecular construction principles of interleukin 27
J Mol Biol 2019, 431(12):2383-2393.

Hohl A*, Mideksa YG, Akal A, Karan R, Vogler M, Groll M, Rueping M, Lang K, Feige MJ, Eppinger J*
Genetically encoded biotin analogs: Incorporation and application in bacterial and mammalian cells
ChemBioChem 2019, 20(14):1795-1798.

Coelho JPL, Stahl M, Bloemeke N, Meighen-Berger K, Piedrafita Alvira C, Zhang ZR, Sieber SA, Feige MJ*
A network of chaperones prevents and detects failures in membrane protein lipid bilayer integration
Nature Communications 2019, 10:672.

Müller SI, Friedl A, Aschenbrenner I, Esser-von Bieren J, Zacharias M, Devergne O*, Feige MJ*
A folding switch regulates interleukin 27 biogenesis and secretion of its alpha subunit as a cytokine
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2019, 116(5):1585-1590.

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Grötsch RK1, Angi A1, Mideksa YG, Wanzke C, Tena-Solsona M, Feige MJ, Rieger B, Boekhoven J*
Dissipative Self-Assembly of Photoluminescent Silicon Nanocrystals
Angewandte Chemie 2018, 57(44):14608-14612.

Rodriguez Camargo DC, Garg D, Buday K, Franko A, Rodriguez Camargo A, Schmidt F, Cox SJ, Suladze S, Haslbeck M, Mideksa YG, Gemmecker G, Aichler M, Mettenleiter G, Schulz M, Walch AK, Hrabě de Angelis M, Feige MJ, Sierra CA, Conrad M, Tripsianes K, Ramamoorthy A, Reif B*
hIAPP forms toxic oligomers in plasma
Chem Commun 2018, 54(43):5426-5429.


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Assembly-induced folding regulates interleukin 12 biogenesis and secretion.
J Biol Chem 2017, 292(19):8073-8081.


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Members of the Hsp70 family recognize distinct types of sequences to execute ER quality control.
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Dimerization-dependent folding underlies assembly control of the clonotypic αβT cell receptor chains.
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BiP and Its Nucleotide Exchange Factors Grp170 and Sil1: Mechanisms of Action and Biological Functions.
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C-terminal mutations destabilize SIL1/BAP and can cause Marinesco-Sjögren syndrome.
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Book Publications


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